I get into the habit of not posting, because Facebook needs less energy and because I never feel I have anything interesting enough to put here. Which is bollocks, really. It's not like I ever pretended this was a srs blog of any kind.

Fell asleep this afternoon and dreamed I was in this enormous kind of computer lab with a bunch of people. Everyone was doing SRS BSNS on these big shiny nearly magical computers, and I kept having to move out of their way. I was playing some kind of game, of course.

I've discovered a rich vein of dark, twisted, beautiful Torchwood fics and I feel you should all read it. It's here. Not all of it is dark, and I haven't read anything like all of it, but what I have read is both dark as hell and awesome beyond words.

peace out <3
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From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

<3 thank you

I'm enjoying my friendslist WALL OF PUPPIES lately. Guaranteed happy XD

From: [identity profile] wrongwayjaneway.livejournal.com

Honestly, I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering why I hadn't seen a post from you in a while.
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From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

awwwww <3

I just get into these loops of self-loathing and misery and it makes me not posty.

From: [identity profile] ghost07.livejournal.com

It's good to see you again...I, personally could stand some pictures of Spike, Squish and the cats...:D


Now, I have to go check out this Torchwood thing...trekkiedane sent me Torchwood up to and including the Miracle Day ones; I'm not sure if that makes my collection complete or if there will be more.

From: [identity profile] eliyes.livejournal.com

Not sure if I'll read the fic -- I am wimpy about "dark" -- but I do like the language you used to describe it~


*posts with icon of UK-based superteam for reasons of Torchwood*
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From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

The one I was reading hits at least one of your known triggers. I think she was pretty good about warnings though. *checks*
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From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

yeah, the non-con is clearly warned for in all the ones I've read that contain any. Should be okay.
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From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

Torchwood, though: it's pretty much grimdark by definition. Even her fluff pieces are bittersweet and twisted. I loved it but it's not everyone's thing.

From: [identity profile] baranduyn.livejournal.com

There were computers in your dreams. I'm scared now.

Glad to hear from you!

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