Whenever my back is turned the dogs destuff sofa cushions. It's got to where there's no longer enough cushion left to stuff the stuffing back into.

This is totally a metaphor for my entire life.
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well, i have a bunch of them on the floor doing duty for dog beds - you know, for when none of them feel like sprawling over my bed.

Good point XD

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you have my sympathies. my couches/futons/pillows are all intact.

my living room floor is currently covered in stuffing tho. i think if the dogs had their way, they'd get a new stuffy to kill every day instead of once a week or so. i dont think they ever lose even a tiny bit of excitement at being able to DESTROY!
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From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

they really don't. And I should throw away everything that's got a hole in it, but they SLEEP on those sofa cushions and I would need to get new ones and there are no spoons. ugh.

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Whenever I sit down to read, or take a break, within 20 seconds (or a couple of paragraphs) the cat is at the back door demanding to be let in.

Whenever I am sitting down watching television or a DVD, the cat doesn't jump up to curl up on my lap until 20 seconds after I have decided to get up in a minute or so.

There's a metaphor here, or a lesson or something, only I'm just not seeing it...

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