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Birthdate:Sep 24
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Spike's Dogster Page

     This is me.  My personality type is ENFP, I'm a Libran and I was born in a Fire Horse year.  I'm a much less complicated person than anyone gives me credit for.


     This is Spike.  He's a four year old Border Collie.  I adopted him from the Dogs Trust in April 2003 when he was ten months old.  

     His full geek-name is Captain James Tiberius Spike Reynolds, after a starship captain, another starship captain, and a vampire with a soul.  Obviously he doesn't use all those names in his daily life, but they express a great deal about his personality.  He also answers to Shark or Evil Bugger.  He climbs trees and is obsessed with cats. 

     It's been said that although you may have many dogs, you only get one "heart dog" per lifetime.  I don't know if that's true, but if it is, Spike is mine. 

     This is Squish.  He's a three year old German Shorthaired Pointer.  He was supposed to be my foster dog after a friend of mine rescued him from a lifetime tied in a back garden, but he stuck. 

     His geek-name is Cooper Squish Hawkes Tam, after a Cluster Lizard, a strange young girl and a Marine.  Squish is a deeply weird, Dagenham* yet adorable dog.  He has a passion for music and sings in a high, clear castrato whenever he hears one of his special songs.  He also eats snails and steals fridge magnets to hide in his bed. 

     *Dagenham = London Underground slang.  Completely insane.  Two stops past Barking.


     Maisie the Slayer is my mother's cat.  We no longer live with her, but she gets a mention because she's the love of Spike's life.  He spent a year trying to kill next door's cat Sukie, after seeing her beat Maisie up on the garage roof.  Sukie voluntarily became an indoor cat after a few months of that, and I still have to avoid mentioning her name in Spike's hearing. 

     Cassiopeia is our Number One cat.  She's black and white, she's a cuddleslut, she's pretty, she's noisy and she takes no shit from dogs.  We adopted her in May 2006 from a couple who told me they had to rehome her because they were moving to a place that didn't allow cats.  She was eight months old.  They were liars, and they were actually dumping her for being seven weeks pregnant - hence, our other cats.

     Naamah is Number Two cat.  She's the one of Cassie's kittens that I felt compelled to keep.  She's a bold bad cuddleslut pirate adrenaline junkie with no fear.  She likes mountaineering, bungee-jumping and toilet-diving.  I'm just glad she has nine lives. 

     Hamish, Cassie's only son, is my sister's cat now and no longer lives here.  Spike and I miss him very much. 

     Saffron went with Hamish to my sister's.  Don't let the cute face and pink button nose fool you.  She's an evil genius. 

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 Well behaved women seldom make history

     Once upon a time I used to automatically friend anyone who friended me.  I don't do that any more.  I have over 200 people on that list and now I think hard about adding any more names.  There are only so many people you can read every day and pay attention to.  I'll probably add you if we've been having meaningful conversations somewhere or if you're a friend of my existing friends.  I probably won't add you if your name just appears on the "friends of" list out of the blue.  If I don't add you, a. it doesn't mean you aren't a great person and b. it won't make a lot of difference; my journal is 99% public and I won't change that unless trolls or drama shitstorms force me to.  If you don't add me, or if you drop me, I may be unhappy about it but I absolutely promise I will never create drama about it.  I don't have filters as such, but I do have a quiz filter for the convenience of friends who don't want to see big stupid "What Kind Of Badly-Spelled Anime Fairy Princess Disease Does Your Sparkly Angel Soul Have (Now With Page-Stretching Pictures and Broken HTML!)"-type quizzes.  I sometimes post those.  I always LJ-cut them.  New friends are on the quiz filter by default. 


Dislikes:10:'shipper wars, being ignored, brassicas, chavs, fuckwittage, people who don't clean up their dogs poo, prudes, reality tv, small grubby children, the atlantic

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