Yesterday I got sneered at on a Who fanpage on Facebook for expressing my love of Victorian lesbian lizard crimefighters; it made me roll me eyes briefly. I can't be arsed to try and tell a bunch of oldschool fanboys why I think Madame Vastra and Jenny deserve their own show, but I want to link you guys this awesome fic that was today's rec from [ profile] calufrax. It made me happy.

Also, I have coffee today after two days of tea instead owing to grocery stretch fail; it's an AWESOME FEELING. I actually still feel kind of crappy but I was still dancing at my dogs after the first mug. YAYYYY COFFEE, IT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.
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I was all prepared to make a comment saying that you should go and see the (sadly low-traffic) community [ profile] lizardladylove, but I think you're doing so already. I'll say it anyway, because some of your friends may yet be missing out.
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Yesss! I only just joined on account of the mention in Calufrax, and I haven't got round to picking through it for all the goodies yet. But so glad it's there.

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I'm not a coffee drinker, but I come from a family of coffee addicts, so I can imagine your happiness! :)
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I get paid (and order groceries) every two weeks; a 1lb pack of ground coffee lasts me a day or three short of two weeks. I used to buy an extra pack every few orders to cover the gap, but since I've had to go glutenfree my food costs more. So I just order one, and if it runs out before I get more I suck it up and deal.

It's nearly worth it for the pleasure of having coffee again after a drought XD
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But...but...who wouldn't like lesbian lizard crimefighters? I haven't even seen that episode and I like lesbian lizard crimefighters!
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I know right?!

From what I can gather, their problem was that the new show's Silurians didn't look like the old ones. Which... nah, I got nothing.

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