Spike And Me, 2003

This is the oldest pic I have of Spike. We'd been together a couple of days, I think.

Spike Upside Down

Upside down collie is still upside down.

Happy birthday, you brilliant mad fucker. Ten years is only the fucking start. I love you.

From: [identity profile] orac-zen.livejournal.com

Yay for Spike. I'm glad he's still here.

Hug him for me, please. And *** hugs *** for you too.

From: [identity profile] wirenth.livejournal.com

I <3 Spike. Happy Birthday Evil Collie! May you have many many more ahead.
ext_15855: (Spike Drawing)

From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

He's busy licking my oven door right now. He does this every day. I haven't touched it in years and it's SO CLEAN.

Thank you XD

From: [identity profile] collie222.livejournal.com

Happy Birthday Spike - the dog who started my love of Border collies! (up until spike I liked Border collies)
ext_15855: (Spike: I Has A Ball)

From: [identity profile] lizblackdog.livejournal.com

THEY ARE MADE OF AWESOME. Of course mine isthe most awesome one of all XD

thank you <3

From: [identity profile] baranduyn.livejournal.com

Happy birthday, Spike, you magnificent fucker you. Much love from your cousins in North Carolina.

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